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NRI Tax services

The NRIs need to attend various issues relating to tax and financial affairs. The financial affairs are complex and procedure oriented. It has been made more difficult to attend to by inefficient tax laws, regulations and procedures. Many times, the NRIs do not know with whom and how to communicate to the person in Authority. There is great need of availability of services on Internet to attend all these issues from wherever NRIs are located.

The Non-Resident Indians come to India for pleasure, to meet relatives and friends and one finds that they waste their time at a Bank Clerk's desk, at Offices of Income-tax Department or Reserve Bank of India.

We assist them to attend all these issues sitting in the comforts of their home wherever they are located. They need not spend on communications; scratch their head for conflicting advice and suggestions from so called experts or persons in authority or novice alike.

If the NRIs are willing to pay reasonable fees they should get important matters attended in time, get correct information quickly and remain free to enjoy their stay in India.

This is what we endeavour at Groworth Real Solutions.

Income Tax returns and Tax Management

Groworth has been observing this plight of its NRI clients since some time has hence decided to offer the NRI tax services to its clients. The main motive behind this new venture is to provide highly updated and expert taxation service to the NRIs so that their income tax status in India is maintained properly and they can as well save good deal of tax by making use of legally accepted tax saving techniques

Under this service, we provide you all the services related to NRI Tax matters. These include:

The Non Resident Indians (NRIs) need information and guidance in relation to legalities and procedures as to the assets held in India and taxation of income and profit/gains on sale of assets. This is specifically related to following:

  • Regulations as to operating bank accounts, repatriation of Income earned in India and special RBI schemes for returning NRI's.
  • Regulation as to investments in shares and debentures, mutual funds, government securities and bank deposits and its taxation.
  • Procedure for purchase and sale of immovable properties in India and renting them out.
  • Attending and planning for taxation and tax compliance.
  • Replies to any queries on Indian Taxation, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and Reserve Bank of India procedures and approvals.
  • Obtaining permission for repatriation of assets / income and assistance in compliance of repatriation procedures.  
  • Returning India.
  • Recent Immigrants.
  • Setting up business/Charitable Institutions.
  • Further, Non Resident Indians also look forward to services to complete all and sundry formalities of Reserve Bank of India, tax department, banking accounts etc. in most convenient and cost effective manner.

RBI related services

The entire authority related to FEMA clearances and permissions vests with the Reserve Bank of India. We help our NRI clients to clear all these requirements. Our services include:

  • Getting clearances and permissions from the RBI
  • Filing returns and various forms with the RBI
  • Obtaining clearances and permissions from the Government wherever required

Experts on the board

To provide specialized taxation and FEMA related services we have enriched our working strength by associating with the experts in the field.

CA Ajay R. Vaswani

By Professional Qualification he is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and a Bachelor of Commerce. His area of expertise includes Taxation and Management Consultancy.

His professional experience includes working for various categories of clients and providing them required solutions. The following are the brief about activities handled by him:

  • Taxation Planning
  • Internal Audit and Management Planning
  • system Study and Design
  • FEMA Compliance
  • Preparation of Compliance Reports

CA Ashish A. Shahu

He is a Chartered Accountant and also a Commerce Graduate. He is well versed with the various provisions of the laws relating to Indian and as well Foreign Taxation. His key area of practice includes:

  • Taxation Compliances
  • Income Tax matters including assessments
  • Business Setup planning
  • Corporate Laws

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